ROYAL TOUCH Ceylon Tea comes from some of the finest tea plantations in Ceylon and is renowned for its goodness, freshness and purity that promise a superior taste and plenty of natural goodness. These teas are grown in the popular tea growing regions of Sri Lanka, situated at elevations between 600m and 1200m above sea level where the tea is nourished by remarkable wind patterns and cold climatic conditions. These handpicked teas which consist mainly of the two tender leaves and bud are processed in modern factories under stringent quality standards and packed within the shortest time so as to retain the freshness and goodness of the tea.

ROYAL TOUCH specialize in producing value added teas; be it Black, Green, Flavoured teas or specialty teas such as Silver and Golden tips, in tea bags, loose-leaf, special blends and single estate teas as per customer requirements. It is also possible to customize orders or produce private label brands.Every sip of ROYAL TOUCH tea comes with the assurance that it is “Pure Ceylon” and “Single Origin” fresh from the plantation to your cup. ROYAL TOUCH… Taste the difference! Enjoy a cup of real tea!!