How To Brew A Cup of Tea

Do you want to know how to make Ceylon tea? There are no more ways to brew tea. Only way is to brew tea is here. Because many tea drinkers are unable to ensure the quality of tea when they prepare tea. As a result of that the freshness and natural goodness of tea can be lost. So, please follow the guidelines to prepare your Royal Touch Ceylon tea perfectly.

Rule #1

It is very important to choose good tea.

Good tea is not very expensive and cheap. It should be worth the cost. Choosing good tea is not very easy. Tea is made in the traditional, artisanal way. It is called orthodox method. Tea is packed at source, retaining its freshness and also in maintaining the purity of its origin. When considering about origin, single origin or single estate tea is the best.

Rule #2

Protect your tea

Connoisseurs store their wines in climate controlled cellars and cigars in humidors. Tea is no different in requiring care in its storage.Tea is hygroscopic, absorbing moisture and similarly odours or fragrance. Protect your tea in an airtight container, and keep it away from moisture, heat, light and odours. Stored in a cool and dry place never warmer than 30 degrees centigrade. For medium term storage, keep your stocks of tea in an airtight foil pouch or ceramic container in the refrigerator.

Rule #4

Boiling Water

Reboiling water is not good at any time as it can deplete dissolved gases and concentrate nitrates, fluoride and other undesirable elements, and for tea that is especially bad.In a professional environment use a samovar with a good thermostat to minimise reboiling, whilst at home, use a kettle and fresh water every time.